KoboVoice is a telecommunications solution company made up of experts cut across various technology and managerial fields

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  •  Flexible Call/Contact centre solutions.
  • Self managed IP-PBX/IP Intercom services
  • Interactive Voice Response services
  • Local and international voice call termination
  •  A Flexible pricing structure  on all our services 
  • Other VoIP and Telco services



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Data centre on the rise in Africa but growth is uneven

Data centre on the rise in Africa but growth is uneven

23rd August 2015

In an article posted on Biz Tech Africa, TLC (Tariff Consultancy ltd; a company that specialises in data centre pricing said Nigeria and South Africa account for about 60% of the total data centre space on the African continent. TCL forecasts that Data Centre space will amount to 107,000 square metres in Africa as of

Why KoboVoice?

Communication is an integral part of business. There are many occasions where you need to get in touch with suppliers, colleagues at remote locations and clients spread across the world. How then will you handle such communication? Telephones are definitely one option. But for a more cost effective and convenient option choose VOIP.

KoboVoice PBX services provide you with either a hosted platform or fully on-site solution for your business. Unlike the traditional PABX system, we provide you with a more flexible and robust platform which you can use to communicate around your establishment. It comes with packages like telephone numbering (01/09 land line), interactive voice response/auto receptionist, Music-on-hold, scalable extensions among other services

KoboVoice gateway makes this termination possible by virtually acting as a middleman between client VoIP networks and the PSTN. Our gateway accepts calls from the VoIP network and then connects them to the PSTN network. KoboVoice gateway carries the necessary PRI circuits needed to handle PSTN connections as well as the necessary SIP circuits needed to handle the calls coming from the VoIP connections. Our support for multiple codecs also ensures that our present clients enjoy great call quality and good QoS at no extra cost.